Meghan’s Fancraze Hits The Roof As ‘Megulators’ Wish Death Upon Senior Royals


Okay, I have had enough. I do not like Meghan Markle and for the rest of my time on Earth, will never ever trust any word that she says. She has proven herself undeserving of any credit with all her attention-seeking gimmicks and self-pitying “Princess Perfect” charade.

And now, I dare any of her so-called “fans” or “stans” or “megulators” or “Sussex Squad” to come after me.

You, my friends, are lunatics. You all are suffering from borderline personality disorder, crazily obsessed about her and need to see a psychiatrist soon.

Because your admiration (lunacy) for Meghan doesn’t just stop there, it crosses common boundaries, rules, regulations and violates basic human rights and principles in order to stalk, harass, abuse, bully, degrade, gaslight and threaten other common citizens who enjoy equal rights like you all, for simply questioning, criticising or expressing their honest opinions about a public figure.

Have you noticed the difference here? We are questioning a PUBLIC FIGURE. You are harassing a PRIVATE FIGURE. That is why if there is anyone who needs to be sued for breaking the law, it is you all.

And no, not just that. Your hatred is not just limited to us who question Meghan. You all also want the senior members of the Royal Family to die or the Parliament to change the order of succession to get Meghan and Harry to the throne! Are you all freaking nuts? What did your parents feed you to make you so venomous?




From my short time on Twitter, what I have noticed is that there is a targeted hate campaign going on against those who dare to question Meghan.

At the helm of this organised harassment is Twitter account @ki_native which takes the username .5 Media Group (Laughing emoji) MONROE (Those who have not yet figured out, .5 here refers to half-sister Meghan, as is clear from the bio of ki_native which says, “Revealing the true feelings of .5 sister since tabloids won’t with a l’il help from my friends. [Wink emoji]).


“Revealing the true feelings”… hmm.. One would wonder how does an anonymous Twitter group assert/insist/declare to know the “true feelings” of a duchess, unless she is directly or indirectly in touch with them?

And who are these little friends that the bio talks about? Is it the Monroe gang?

Most of @ki_native’s followers have suffixed Monroe into their usernames.

Now I really do not know the real identity behind this MONROE person.

But what I do know is that they excel at abuse, harassment and vilification of other ordinary citizens. Even if you don’t reply to them, they will continue heaping insults and curses.

I am regularly abused by one Meg Monroe who, in a tweet, wished and prayed to God that I may not become a mother. Why? Because I wrote that I did not like Meghan. Is this what you call admiration or support for your role model? This is a mockery of Meghan and everything that you say she stands up for.

Then there are others like Morvenfan (@skipandpete) who calls me the ugliest soul on Earth. Why? Because I made a neutral observation about Meghan saying that she is definitely not the ugliest soul on Earth and has the potential to improve. What part of my tweet was abusive? What did I say to be subjected to such poison?

Oh and guess what, my tweets against Meghan will not stop. In fact, your poison towards me is only going to make me discredit her more.

Because as a taxpayer, I have every right to question her intentions, especially after she refuses to stop wearing exorbitantly-priced designer clothes to every little event she attends. It is my money that she is living on. I have every right to question her, criticise her, hold her accountable for her actions. If you tell me otherwise, you need to be jailed for infringement of human rights.

If she doesn’t want this, she is more than welcome to abide by the rules or give up every privilege and title and live like a “normal person” that she and Harry keep parroting on about.

We have had enough.


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